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Making A Difference with Project S.T.E.P.

Project S.T.E.P. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization committed  to creating a space that encourages youth to make an impact, be heard and feel important in this world. The acronym S.T.E.P. “Showing Teamwork Evolves Pride” to set a standard in how working together can help build for success. We are a youth performance group with a standard serving boys and girls ages 10 to 18 providing an opportunity for early learning and youth development. 

Who We Do It For

Middle schools and high schools, community centers, youth based nonprofit organizations 

Our Vision Statement 

To be a safe space for youth that supports their personal and professional development by providing positive mentorship, leadership opportunities, and community awareness resulting in  a successful transition into adulthood. 


Our Mission Statement 

We are on a mission to Show Teamwork Evolves Pride by empowering youth to serve the community and conduct themselves professionally in every endeavor. Our organization keeps compassion at the core and supports our youth by providing experiences and resources to promote academic achievement, leadership development and community involvement. 


Organizational Goals

Every week, young people dedicate six hours or more to the growth of their social and emotional intelligence. They use this time to explore personal and professional interests, and their parents gain equitable access to resources to ensure their success.




At our organization, we are proud to have the support of passionate volunteers and staff who are dedicated to making a difference. These individuals come from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences, each bringing unique insights and perspectives to the table. Their dedication and hard work is the foundation of our organization and we are grateful to have them as part of our team.


We look forward to continuing to make a positive impact through the strength of our collective knowledge and skills.



The satisfaction of helping someone in need is beyond measure. With Project S.T.E.P., you can be sure that every donation you make goes towards changing a child's life for the better.

You can be a part of the difference and help us achieve more.

Click on the link now to contribute towards a brighter tomorrow!

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