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Our purpose is to encourage youth to be their own greatest influence and become an asset society through community building. 


Today’s youth are the most exposed to societal influences as social media has become their greatest source of finding identity and socially acceptable norms. Although virtual realities can be of benefit, we must empower our youth to become their own greatest influence and become an asset society through community building. The legal age to create a social media profile is 13 years old, but according to Fox News, at least 38% of children 12 years or younger use social media. The virtual world can be impressionable on one’s self-esteem at any age; however, our youth should not have to face emotional and mental harm at a time in their life when social interactions deeply affect their growth as an individual in society. 


In being part of a performance and production based group, youth are able to improve their social emotional learning and receive an opportunity to learn advanced skills such as project management, work readiness and financial literacy. 




Our programs have already had a positive impact on many lives, and we are determined to keep building a strong community in Detroit for kids. We invite anyone interested in joining us in this effort to reach out and find out how they can help make a difference.

Our programs are open to all students, regardless of background or experience, and are designed to make sure everyone is given the opportunity to build their skills in a safe and supportive environment.

Key Activities 

As of now, we have 8 clients and 3 partners in our network. In the next year, we are looking to expand the network through the following initiatives: 


  • STEP Clinic is an opportunity for youth to learn about step dance performance and connect with PSTEP members to see if the organization is best for their personal interests 

  • PSTEP Family Night is an event that allows our network and friends to build meaningful connections with each other, learn about the organization and provide resources that can elevate the success of our community. 

  • Annual Spring Showcase is hosted by our organization to provide a space for youth performance groups in the regional area to display their unique talents. 

  • Community Cookout is a fundraising initiative that serves as a kick-off for the program year. The day is led by our youth with the goal of raising proceeds for general operating funds. 

  • Project F.E.E.D. is a community service initiative encouraging youth to give back to those with special needs (i.e. poverty, disabilities) as an opportunity to learn gratitude and stewardship. 

  • Special Workshops provide an experiential learning experience for youth based on their personal and professional interests. For 4 to 6 weeks at a time, youth will practice/shadow a traditional or nontraditional workspace that supports their career exploration journey. 

Key Partnerships 

  • Metro Charter Academy: Home facility and provides resources to families (as needed)

  • American International Academy High School: 

  • Starbucks (Westland, MI): 

  • Booker T. Dozier Recreation Complex: 

  • Wheat & Rye (Romulus, MI): 

  • PNC Bank: 

  • Grant Writer: 

  • Nonprofit Consultant: 

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Our nonprofit organization has developed a range of academic programs designed to provide a helping hand to kids in Detroit. These programs are specifically designed to target areas of improvement that the students in Detroit need help with, such as reading and writing, math, science, and even creative arts. We strive to equip these kids with the knowledge and skills they need to achieve success in their future educational and career paths. 



Our nonprofit organization is dedicated to uniting the community of Detroit to support children and young people in the area. Through various community projects, we strive to help build strong connections and a brighter future for kids in the area. Our current initiatives focus on providing essential resources and programs such as educational opportunities, after-school activities, mentoring, and employment training.

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Our nonprofit organization is proud to offer leadership programs in Detroit that focus on building leadership skills in young people. Our team of professionals are dedicated to helping kids develop key qualities like decision-making, communication, problem solving, and collaboration. These are essential skills that help kids thrive both inside and outside of the classroom, and we're dedicated to providing them with the tools they need to be successful.

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